Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I stopped at Barnes & Noble today to pick up ONE book. But I found three other that I HAD to have. (Want vs Need anyone?! Apparently I don't know the difference anymore) I walked up to the Halloween table and there was this ADORABLE book by Ari Berk.

It's about a bat that is learning to use echolocation for the first time and how the world "looks" to him as he is flying. The illustrations are gorgeous and how cute is little Chiro the bat? I'm using Erica Bohrer's Batty About Bats unit and this will be great to use with my lesson tomorrow!


  1. Oh, that book looks ADORABLE!! I need to check it out!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. Jennifer, I just read this one at Barnes & Noble, too! We sat down at the kid's table & I read it! Sweet book, love it!
    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

    1. I think B&N counts on teachers like us! I couldn't just leave it there!

  3. Hi Jennifer!
    I am ordering this book right now! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing your great find! Be sure to hop on over and check out my latest post on the Phonics Dance! I hope you can find something you like!


    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  4. You might already know about this, but if you don't check out http://youtu.be/5mwoOyOleGc It is about echolocation. My littles love it!

    1. I have never seen that before! So cute! I can just hear my kids singing "Echo, echo, echo....ECHOLOCAAAAATION!" Thanks!

  5. Oh, thanks for the shout out! Now I need to get that book, too!


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