Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Holy Smokes it's already time for July's Currently! Where did June go?! My summer is flying by and I've spent so much of it obsessing over Christian Grey and Ian Somerhalder and Magic Mike when I should have been working on my summer to-do list- YIKES!

So my #1 all time favorite book to read aloud in class is Splat the Cat. It's so funny. And the illustrations are fabulous. Plus, my kids know that my cat looks JUST LIKE SPLAT! It's a great story for back to school. But I also used it if we were having a rough day because how can you not be smiling by the end of that story?!

My #1 go-to professional book is Teaching with Love and Logic. I have a copy that was given to me when I graduated from college from my lovely friend Jane. Everything in it makes you go, "Why haven't I thought of it that way?!" There are no prize boxes or sticker charts with this book. It's about how we communicate with our students in a positive way and about how important it is to have high expectations. Great read and if you haven't read it you really should pick up a copy. I re-read it before every school year. My copy is all dogeared and marked in highlighter!

{Sigh} My printer is evil. We are fighting. He no longer scans and refuses to print wirelessly. And he is making this TERRIBLE noise! I've tried to work things out with him....but I won't lie- I've got eyes for another printer.

Do I NEED a new purse? Well.....no. But I sure do want one! I spent the last weekend with my best girlfriends at the beach at we poured over so many magazines with so many cute purses. I'm just certain the perfect purse would make me look thinner and taller. Don't y'all agree?

Farley has a couple of other rules with this linky par-tay too! (Love them!) 
1) read and comment on the two link ups before yours
2) read and comment on the link up after yours

I spend SO MUCH TIME in my pj's reading everyone's Currently's! Love it!


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