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I'm a first grade teacher in Texas. This is my fifth year teaching first grade. I've had experience in third and fourth grade as well, but first grade has my heart! I recently signed up to complete National Board Certification. I'm slightly terrified of the whole thing but I know I will be a better teacher for completing it. I've had my blog for almost four years and try to post ideas that teachers can use right away. 

Go ahead and explore!

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  1. Hello, I am currently teaching in TN and I'm in the process of certifying for TX. I have the Gen 160 left to take before applying for license. Could you give me a few suggestions on what I need to focus on more...if you have taken the test? Also I have a long list of cities (districts) that I jotted down however I need to lower it to at least 5 LOL. Could you give me some insight on different districts please? P.S. I love your blog, advice, and ideas!



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